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'''.museum'''はスポンサードトップレベルドメイン([[sTLD]])の一つで、[[International Council of Museums]] (ICOM)が定めたように博物館や、博物館の運営団体、博物館の職員個人のために使われるドメイン名である。[[:en:J. Paul Getty Trust|J. Paul Getty Trust]]の連携によって、[[ICANN]]に新しいTLD設立を申請し、また新設が認可された場合のドメイン運営のために、ICOMは[[Museum Domain Management Association]] (MuseDoma)を設立し、[[:en:Cary Karp|Cary Karp]]をトップに置いた。.museumドメインは[[2001年]][[10月20日]]、初のスポンサードトップレベルドメインとして[[Domain Name System|DNS]]の[[ルートサーバ]]に登録された。
'''.museum''' is a [[generic top-level domain]] (gTLD) used exclusively by [[museum]]s, museum associations, and individual members of the museum profession, as these groups are defined by the [[International Council of Museums]] (ICOM). In joint action with the [[J. Paul Getty Trust]], ICOM established the [[Museum Domain Management Association]] (MuseDoma), headed by [[Cary Karp]], for the purpose of submitting an application to [[ICANN]] for the creation of the new gTLD, and to operate it if the application was approved. The .museum domain was entered into the root of [[Domain Name System]] on 20 October [[2001]], and was the first sponsored top-level domain to be instituted through ICANN's action.
The idea behind this domain is that it will be beneficial for Internet users to have a segment of the TLD namespace reserved for the use of museums; a namespace whose conventions are defined by the museum community. The .museum TLD will grant users a quick and intuitive way to verify the authenticity of a museum site. Conversely, since it is a type of formal third-party certification, museums using this namespace obtain a way to assure visitors of the site's validity.
.museumの憲章にある登録条件に加えて、いくつかの名前(地名や一般名詞)では、それのサブドメインが割り当てられる。[http://about.museum/idn/ about.museum]で解説されているように、[[国際化ドメイン名]]の登録も可能である。
In addition to the eligibility requirements specified in the .museum charter, a number of naming conventions apply to the labeling of subdomains. Extensive support is also being introduced for [[internationalized domain names]], as described at [http://about.museum/idn/ about.museum].
Registration are processed via accredited registrars.
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