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[[ウィキペディア]]へのアクセスを(利用者も書き手も)どうやって増やすかについて話し合おう。-- 今、ウィキペディアの活動にとって、これが大切なことになりつつあるから。<br>
Let's talk about how to increase traffic to [[Wikipedia]],
of both readers and writers--that is now going to become one of the main focuses of my Wikipedia work.
読者と作者の両方に対して。 -- それが今、ウィキペディアの作業の主要な焦点の一つになって来つつある。
どうやって[[ウィキペディア]]へ交通量仲間を増やすかについて話 -- 知恵を貸合おてくれないだろか?<br>
So I want your help! How can we increase "membership" in Wikipedia--both readers ''and'' new writers?
だから、私はあなたの助けを必要とするんだ。どうやってウィキペディアの『メンバーシップ』を増やすか -- 読者''と''新しい作者を ?
Let's brainstorm.
Please, add an idea below, or help develop ideas.
(Sometimes, a really great new idea is a slight variation on a just-OK old idea.)
Also, if you do any work that you think someone else might inadvertently replicate,
can you please write it down here somehow (as on the [[Building_Wikipedia_membership/Encyclopedia links solicited|Encyclopedia links solicited]] page)? Thanks! --[[Larry Sanger]]
How about doing what a lot of news web pages do? They have a box at the bottom, "Send this article to a friend" with some kind of java mailer to ship it off and a box for you to add a signed message. [[User:Ortolan88|Ortolan88]]
:::I like that idea too. Especially, and I know this would require more overhead, but a way to keep my list of folks in memory so I don't have to open my email client (which may not be available esp, as I'm a student and working on diff. machines).
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