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m (→‎今後について 2018年6月: 最初の文法で合ってたので一部戻す)
:{{ping|W.CC}} Thanks. I hope you don't mind me continuing to ping you until you do retire. To answer the bug report, there is a nice feature of IABot that makes filing the above report unnecessary. All one has to do is simple undo the edit, and a report is automatically filed. As for the proposal. I'm a little confused. The bot already has a permanent bot flag and is approved already, by you. I understand the rate limit, but it's not really feasible to limit the bot to just 30 per month. In other words I can confine the limit to x/second, minute, or hour, but going beyond that is just too out of bounds. With IABot's newest version, I should be able to implement a rate limit. As for detecting errors, I will be monitoring edits the bot makes and fix problems that arise. I also recommend disabling the talk page messages it leaves behind. Also any established user can disable the bot by going to https://tools.wmflabs.org/iabot/index.php?page=runpages&wiki=jawiki and clicking the Disable button on the top. The bot will immediately shut off.—[[:en:User:Cyberpower678|'''<span style="color:darkgrey;font-family:monospace">CYBERPOWER</span>''']] <span style="font-family:Rockwell">([[:en:User talk:Cyberpower678|<span style="color:red">会話</span>]])</span> 2018年6月7日 (木) 15:35 (UTC)
::{{コメント}} 説明足らずで申し訳ありません。ボットは一度コミュニティによって反対なく承認されているとはいえ、その後不具合を多発し、システムを改善されたとのことですので、やはり追加の仮運用は必要であると思います。[[Wikipedia:Bot|Botの方針]]では、ビューロクラットは必要であれば追加の仮運用を要求できることになっています。もしもコミュニティから反対がなければ、永久承認を一旦取り消し、一時的な承認のもとで仮運用を行っていただきたいです。また、毎編集10秒間隔は仮運用中も仮運用後も守っていただきますが、毎月30編集の制限は、新たな正式承認後(仮運用終了後)は不要です。このルールは仮運用中にデバックと翻訳の時間を確保するためのものであるため、仮運用中のみ適用されます。実際、2018年5月のIABotの編集回数は28回のみですので、システム上可能な制限であると思います。お手数ですがご承知ください。また、仮運用中に不具合報告を会話ページや独自のデバックシステムで他の利用者から受けた場合は、その概要とご対応内容をこのページで説明していただけますか。やんもさんは、Botのデバックは難しく、余計な作業となり有害であるとおっしゃっています。分かりやすさの観点からも、仮運用中の全ての不具合報告はこのページに集約されるべきであると私は思っています。独自に整備されているBotのシャットダウンシステムは、有用と思われますので、継続をお願いしたいと思います。よろしくお願いいたします。
::/ {{コ}} I'm sorry I didn't make them clear enough. Even if your bot had approved by our community users, it had many errors and you changed the bot system after that. Then, you have to do more test run. [[Wikipedia:Bot|JaWp local policy]] says bureaucrats can request operator to do more test run if it is necessary. If there is no dissenting opinion with my proposal from our community users, I will remove your permanent bot flag and approve temporary bot flag for test run. Your bot should keep 10 seconds interval every edits before and after test run. However, you have not to keep 30 edits per one month after your bot approved another permanent bot flag. 30-edits-rule is only adapted during temporary test run. This rule is to keep time to ditect errors and translate error reports into English while your bot does test run. Actually, your bot edited only 28 times on May 2018, so your bot can work only short time. Thank you for your patience. Now, if you are receivedreceive the error reports byfrom other users on your talk page or your feedback systems during test run, will you summarize those reports on this page and explain what you will do about that? Mr. or Ms. やんも said it is too difficult to feedback for editors and this is harmful for some users. Then I think that all error reports should be corrected on this page during test run. Your emergency shut off system may be very useful. Please continue these system. Thank you for your cooperation.—[[利用者:W.CC|W.CC]]([[利用者‐会話:W.CC|会話]]) 2018年6月8日 (金) 13:25 (UTC)