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Hello and I am very happy to be a part of the Japanese Wikipedia. I have few questions about the Japanese Wikipedia so if anyone can help in this then I will be very grateful. Can you please tell me if I can translate an article from any other language Wikipedia into Japanese and create the page here provided that the topic meets the notability guidelines? Thanks, --[[利用者:Hissamelriys|Hissamelriys]]([[利用者‐会話:Hissamelriys|会話]]) 2020年7月31日 (金) 07:39 (UTC)
*I blocked this user for posting promotional contents; this user is also blocked on English Wikipedia for WP:PAID and WP:SOCK violation. [[利用者:ネイ|ネイ]]([[利用者‐会話:ネイ|会話]]) 2020年8月27日 (木) 13:40 (UTC)
== Need help in renaming a page ==
:<small>この節は次の利用者の依頼で過去ログ化されました: [[利用者:ネイ|ネイ]]([[利用者‐会話:ネイ|会話]]) 2020年10月7日 (水) 05:27 (UTC)</small>
I recently moved the English WP page [[w:en:Bible translations into Hawaiian]] to [[w:en:Bible translations into the languages of Hawaii]], because the content was about Bible translations into Hawaiian as well as into Hawaiian Pidgin. However, the Japanese version of the article, [[:ハワイ語訳聖書]], has the same problem: it is called "Bible translations into Hawaiian", but contains information about Hawaian Pidgin translations of the Bible. Therefore, I am asking any Japanese speaker if he or she could rename the page into something like "Bible translations into the languages of Hawaii", e.g. like for the languages of Africa [[:アフリカの諸言語訳聖書]]. Thanks! --[[利用者:Veverve|Veverve]]([[利用者‐会話:Veverve|会話]]) 2020年9月19日 (土) 14:01 (UTC)
:{{済}} Done.--[[利用者:ネイ|ネイ]]([[利用者‐会話:ネイ|会話]]) 2020年10月7日 (水) 05:26 (UTC)
== enwiki sockpuppet ==
:<small>この節は次の利用者の依頼で過去ログ化されました: [[利用者:ネイ|ネイ]]([[利用者‐会話:ネイ|会話]]) 2020年10月7日 (水) 05:27 (UTC)</small>
Hello and my apologies for writing in English: I am a checkuser on the English Wikipedia and I have determined that [[User:Amefuri2019]], who has made edits on this wiki, is a sockpuppet of long-term-abuse user 依頼人; please see [[w:en:Wikipedia:Sockpuppet investigations/依頼人]] and more information about this user is available at [[w:ja:LTA:KANAKOBA]]. This user Amefuri2019 has now been globally locked, but I suggest that local action be taken to delete and rollback this user's contributions. Best, [[利用者:L235|L235]]([[利用者‐会話:L235|会話]]) 2020年9月24日 (木) 00:48 (UTC)
:This user only requested for translations on jawiki. I have removed the user's requests from the pending logs. c.f. [[Special:Diff/79756421]].--[[利用者:ネイ|ネイ]]([[利用者‐会話:ネイ|会話]]) 2020年9月29日 (火) 14:58 (UTC)
:But isn't it [[LTA:SAN]] instead of KANAKOBA? Or do you think they are the same person? [[利用者:ネイ|ネイ]]([[利用者‐会話:ネイ|会話]]) 2020年9月29日 (火) 15:00 (UTC)
== [[:ja:Template:鉄の化合物]] ==
:<small>この節は次の利用者の依頼で過去ログ化されました: [[利用者:ネイ|ネイ]]([[利用者‐会話:ネイ|会話]]) 2020年10月7日 (水) 05:27 (UTC)</small>
Hello Japanese Wikipedians! This template containing 2 unknown compounds, it's ''iron(II) manganate'' (FeMnO<sub>4</sub)> and ''iron(II) cyanate'' (Fe(OCN)<sub>2</sub>). Can these links maybe removed? Thanks you. ''(Note: Sorry if you don't understand, because my English is not good.)'' [[利用者:Ccv2020|Ccv2020]]([[利用者‐会話:Ccv2020|会話]]) 2020年9月29日 (火) 09:45 (UTC)
:{{済}} Done.--[[利用者:ネイ|ネイ]]([[利用者‐会話:ネイ|会話]]) 2020年9月29日 (火) 15:05 (UTC)