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Dear Japanese Wikipedia Community! Did you know that Wikimedia Foundation has a plan of changing its' name? Foundation's future name is still undecided, but they really want to have "Wikipedia" in it. So there is huge possibility that the Foundation will change its' name to "Wikipedia Foundation" or something similar. Global community started this RfC on metawiki: [[:m:Requests for comment/Should the Foundation call itself Wikipedia]]. As of now, more than 90% of people out of nearly 400 who commented there are against this plan. If you want to leave your comments there, please feel free to do so (even in Japanese, if you want I might try to translate it to the best of my abilities). Sorry for my bad Japanese, I hope the text above isn't completely incomprehensible ;-) Please share with your community. Cheers, [[利用者:Tufor|Tufor]]([[利用者‐会話:Tufor|会話]]) 2020年2月22日 (土) 23:41 (UTC)
== Moving files to Commons and deleting files that have been moved to Commons ==
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Hi! I do not speak Japanese so I have to use Google Translate.
I asked about files and Commons here: [[Wikipedia‐ノート:Wikimedia_Commonsに画像をアップしよう#Moving_files_to_Commons]].
It was suggested, that I also asked here where there is a better chance to hear from English speaking users.
I had 2 questions:
# Is there any reason why files are not deleted when they have been moved to Commons?
# Is there any organized project to move files to Commons?
If files are moved to Commons they can be used on other wikis too. And if the local files are deleted it is easier to locate the files, that have not been moved yet.
Japanese Wikipedia have a lot of files so I have no chance to check or move them all alone. Especially because I do not speak Japanese and have to work really slow. So I hoped to find local users to work with. --[[利用者:MGA73|MGA73]]([[利用者‐会話:MGA73|会話]]) 2020年6月6日 (土) 18:10 (UTC)
:{{Ping|MGA73}} The answer to 1 is because the file count is too high and now a bot flag request for deleting those files is ongoing; the answer to 2 is probably no. In any case, from the various discussions we had I think this section can be marked as resolved. [[利用者:ネイ|ネイ]]([[利用者‐会話:ネイ|会話]]) 2020年10月14日 (水) 06:45 (UTC)
== Korean version of airline accident report from Japanese government agency? ==