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Infobox image syntax


Is there an Japanese Wikipedia equivalent to English Wikipedia's en:WP:THUMBSIZE or en:WP:IBI page? On English Wikipedia it's pretty much common practice not to use the thumbnail syntax for infobox images because the most infobox templates and the Wikipedia software will automatically format the size of the infobox image based upon the device the reader is using. In addition, it also makes it easier for screen reader to "read" to infobox image's caption when the caption parameter is used because a thumbnail image typically requires an "alt_text" parameter be provided for thumbnail images whereas the infobox caption parameter doesn't and can be read by screen readers. Maybe the software and templates used for Japanese Wikipedia work differently, however, based upon this post here. Anyway, just curious for my own benefit. -- Marchjuly会話2019年11月19日 (火) 14:27 (UTC)[返信]

The relevant policy for the Japanese version of Wikipedia is as shown on this page. Thank you for your comment. -- 2021年4月8日 (木) 15:22 (UTC)[返信]
Reopening - this does not answer Marchjuly's question. ネイ会話2021年4月9日 (金) 11:21 (UTC)[返信]
The example inside help also suggests the use of “thumbnail”.--石添 小草会話2022年5月18日 (水) 23:45 (UTC)[返信]
I would recommend setting the image size like "image=[[Image:Something.svg|200px]]" and "caption = whatever". In Japanese Wikipedia, setting the image size yourself is pretty common.--YellowSmileyFace会話2022年4月6日 (水) 13:53 (UTC)[返信]

Korean version of airline accident report from Japanese government agency?


I notice page 44 (PDF p. 25) of this page on the MLIT website states "Distribution of Korean version of HL7762 HIJ accident investigation report to flight crew"

Where is this Korean version of the report located, and how do I obtain it? I only see English and Japanese listed on the English MLIT accident report list page.

It would be good for the Korean Wikipedia article ko:아시아나항공 162편 착륙 사고 WhisperToMe会話2020年6月9日 (火) 20:16 (UTC)[返信]

Regarding your question, I also searched for it, but unfortunately I could not find the Korean version. Korean version may not be published on the internet. Thank you for your comment. -- 2021年4月8日 (木) 15:22 (UTC)[返信]
The question is not resolved; although @WhisperToMe: you might be better off asking this on Korean Wikipedia. This probably requires a search using Korean keywords, not in Japanese. ネイ会話2021年4月9日 (金) 11:21 (UTC)[返信]

Enquiry photos for ARTIZON MUSEUM Interior


The article アーティゾン美術館don't have any photos inside the gallery. Hope someone can upload the photos of the museum. The picture angle and reference can see here--Wpcpey会話2020年10月24日 (土) 11:19 (UTC)[返信]

The article has been updated. Thank you for your comment. -- 2021年4月8日 (木) 15:22 (UTC)[返信]
No, the article is not updated. Please do not put {{Section resolved}} unless the query is really resolved. ネイ会話2021年4月9日 (金) 11:21 (UTC)[返信]

Cross wiki spam abuses by sockpuppets


Hello. I'd like to let you know that several pages on ja.wikipedia are the target of sockpuppets bannished on fr.wikipedia for spam and insertion of false materials (texts and legend of images). The sockpuppets are listed on meta.

Kind regards. --Pa2chant.bis会話2021年4月20日 (火) 05:55 (UTC)[返信]

プラズマクラスター - ポーランド語版ウィキペディアから必要なヘルプ:疑似科学


まず第一に:ここで英語を使ってすみません:私は日本語を勉強しましたが、非常に基本的なレベルです。 そしてずっと前に。 I come from Polish wiki here. See my cross-wiki request in this article Discussion - please ping me back if anyone else may help with these sources. Zezen会話2021年7月26日 (月) 13:20 (UTC)[返信]

Prince Fumihito


Hello. I hope everyone's doing well. I would have posted this message on the article's talk page, but I needed a response in English so I ended up here. I just needed the help of some native Japanese speakers who could help with the concerns that some users and I have had on the English Wikipedia regarding Prince Fumihito's title. We know that he was elevated to the rank of "Crown Prince" (皇嗣, Kōshi) in the past months, and he has been referred to as Crown Prince Akishino (秋篠宮皇嗣殿下) on the Imperial Household Agency website. But what caught my eye was that the Japanese article is still at 秋篠宮文仁親王 (Akishinonomiya Fumihito shinnō; 'Fumihito, Prince Akishino'). I wonder if there is a specific reason that Japanese users here have refrained from adding 皇嗣 to his page's title. Is there a rationale behind it that we might not be aware of? I'd be glad if someone could enlighten me a little bit. Thank you.--Keivan.f会話2021年11月2日 (火) 06:22 (UTC)[返信]

I forwarded your question in Japanese at the note page of 秋篠宮文仁親王. People in the note page said they decided not to change the title, but no one mentioned the reason. While I familiar with the word 親王 and 殿下, I have never heard 皇嗣 before. I think other people does the same.--Uiweo会話2022年1月3日 (月) 05:05 (UTC)[返信]
It's been a couple of weeks and no response in the note page. I don't think we can expect to get an answer from someone. As an ordinal Japanese guy, who is not a professional on emperor family, I would say that 皇嗣 is not a title. 皇太子 or 親王 is definitely a title. Historically oldest son of current emperor is the next emperor. The son is called 皇太子 (Koh Tai Shi). 皇嗣 means a successor of Japanese emperor but not necessarily be a son of current emperor. While some past emperors, who had no son, assigned 皇嗣 from relatives, there was no clear rule on 皇嗣 until 1889 (Meiji 22, 明治22年), when we learned succession order system in British royal family. This makes us some confusion if 皇嗣 can be a title or not, and some may oppose to use it as a title. Even I hesitate it.--Uiweo会話2022年1月16日 (日) 06:15 (UTC)[返信]



Hello everyone, I am a Vietnamese Wikipedia user, I am planning to translate VTuber's articles from Japanese Wikipedia to Vietnamese Wikipedia. I see some articles in here have refs for too long, I changed to {{reflist|30em}} but I don't see any difference, can you explain it to me? Thank you. CrossEF会話2021年12月2日 (木) 00:09 (UTC)[返信]

Hmm...I don't know why you continue to use {{reflist|2}} instead of {{reflist|30em}}. CrossEF会話2021年12月2日 (木) 02:20 (UTC)[返信]
It depends on your environment, but in general, {{reflist|2}} will automatically display one or two column(s) depending on your browser's display width.--Lmkjgmo会話2021年12月3日 (金) 00:07 (UTC)[返信]



@ネイ:如果可以,能幫助翻譯一下英文版的Domain fronting條目(ドメインフロンティング?)嗎?Google檢索找到結果約215,000個,而且目前已有幾種語言版本,故可能有建立價值。--Unite together会話2022年1月25日 (火) 07:02 (UTC)[返信]

@Unite together Translation of this request.
If possible, could anyone help us to translate en:Domain fronting from English Wikipedia? There were more than 215000 results from google search of this topic, while this content also existed on several versions of Wikipedia, so it may be worth translating to Japanese. Lemonaka会話2022年11月24日 (木) 00:41 (UTC)[返信]

Reply tool for mobile editors



Hello, all.

The mw:Reply tool is available to all editors using the desktop site. In a few weeks, the mw:Editing team would like to give this tool to people using the mobile web site (

This will change what the page looks like. All talk pages will be set to "⧼Minerva-talk-full-page⧽". They will see the [返信] button. They will also get the mw:Talk pages project/New discussion tool. It will sign comments automatically.

If you have questions, please ask me.--Whatamidoing (WMF)会話2022年3月4日 (金) 22:20 (UTC)[返信]

This will happen on Wednesday. I apologize for the long delay. Please tell people who use the mobile site.--Whatamidoing (WMF)会話2022年6月27日 (月) 21:02 (UTC)[返信]

Japanese Wikipedia's policy on vandals and LTA's


Hello! I've come here to ask if Japanese Wikipedia has an equivalent to enWiki's en:WP:DENY policy. I would like to request assistance in improving the page of a Japanese LTA's page on enWiki, however I would like to not violate any policies on either Wiki. The current status of the page on enWiki appears to be a rough and incomplete translation of Japanese Wikipedia's LTA page on them. Thanks! Blaze Wolf会話2022年3月9日 (水) 22:26 (UTC)[返信]

Hi Blaze Wolf. I'm not sure what exactly you are asking for. The enWiki's en:WP:DENY is an essay, and its Japanese corresponding page, Wikipedia:認識を拒絶する, can be found easily by following its interwiki link.
We have a policy on vandals, Wikipedia:荒らし, but that can be also easily reached from the enWiki's en:Wikipedia:Vandalism page. That's why I'm confused.
Could you also please clarify what you mean by "the page of a Japanese LTA's page on enWiki"?--RottenApple777会話2022年3月10日 (木) 21:09 (UTC)[返信]
@RottenApple777: Hello RottenApple! Apologies for the confusion, I often forget it's not policy and merely an essay, as it's often treated as policy. TO clarify a bit further (without going into too much detail because they're an LTA), there's an LTA here on Japanese Wiki that I recently came across through a post to enWiki's Teahouse (wasn't actually by the LTA but just someone who noticed an edit the LTA made). I noticed that they also have an LTA page on enWiki as well as here on jaWiki, however the enWiki page isn't nearly as good as the Japanese one. Blaze Wolf会話2022年3月10日 (木) 21:15 (UTC)[返信]
Blaze Wolf, thank you for the explanation. I got it. Ok, what we have are:
Are they any help? A lot of our policies are originated from enWiki policies, and they are very similar, if not the same. Let me know what else you may need.--RottenApple777会話2022年3月10日 (木) 22:09 (UTC)[返信]
@RottenApple777: Thank you that helps! I'm mainly asking so I can appropriately request help from people here on Japanese wikipedia in improving the page since the LTA has shown up on enWiki. Blaze Wolf会話2022年3月10日 (木) 22:12 (UTC)[返信]
@Blaze Wolf: then you want someone who is willing to communicate with you via something like Wikimail so that you don't have to reveal which LTA page you are referring to publicly, and thus you can avoid glorifying this LTA, right?--RottenApple777会話2022年3月11日 (金) 16:46 (UTC)[返信]
@RottenApple777: As much as I'd rather not (since my email address contains some personal info), yes I do. Especially since from what I was able to gather through Google's translation of the LTA page here, it's a rather nasty LTA. Blaze Wolf会話2022年3月11日 (金) 19:23 (UTC)[返信]
That might be difficult as our folks will probably be reluctant to reveal their personal info too...unless someone can figure out how to communicate with you without sacrificing his/her privacy.
JAWIKI editors, are there any volunteers? --RottenApple777会話2022年3月11日 (金) 23:50 (UTC)[返信]
@RottenApple777: I know some people on enWiki have created a Wikipedia specific email. I've considered doing it as well however I haven't really had the time and have been rather lazy in doing so lately. Blaze Wolf会話2022年3月11日 (金) 23:55 (UTC)[返信]

Lua module update: URIutil


Hi, a more trusted user may update モジュール:URIutil from de:Module:URIutil (global dissemination).

Greetings --PerfektesChaos会話2022年5月10日 (火) 13:53 (UTC)[返信]

Translation request



Could someone translate these pages from Polish to Japanese? I don't speak Japanese.

FSO Warszawa

FSO Syrena

Polski Fiat 125p

FSO Ogar

FSO Polonez

FSO Wars

I also think these articles should contain info about imports of these cars to Japan, works featuring them, such as mangas/animes, Japanese TV commercials, if any (similar to the トラバント article), and, if a vehicle is an exhibit in the Motorcar Museum of Japan, a link to that museum. I'm pretty sure a lot of vehicles were brought to Japan, and the Polonez was featured in the anime series Master Keaton, similar to the aforementioned Trabant...

Greetings, Kotori Habane会話2022年5月12日 (木) 16:37 (UTC)][返信]

I ping @RottenApple777:. Kotori Habane会話2022年5月16日 (月) 18:34 (UTC)[返信]
Hi, @Kotori Habane:. I'm sorry but I did not get the ping notice.I wish I could help you, but I'm not familiar with automobile terminologies. Even if the articles were written in Japanese, I probably do not understand them. Those cars look very cool, though. --RottenApple777会話2022年5月18日 (水) 21:26 (UTC)[返信]
FYI: I submitted translation requests at Portal:自動車/翻訳依頼. They will show up on Portal:自動車 where editors who are more familiar with the automobile industry would gather. Hopefully someone is willing to take up those tasks.--RottenApple777会話2022年5月19日 (木) 17:33 (UTC)[返信]

Translation Request from english into Japanese en:John Serry Sr.


Greetings: If an editor is available, kindly assist in translating this biography about the noted musician named John Serry (ジョン・セリー)(en:John Serry Sr.) on the English Wikipedia into Japanese--alas I do not speak Japanese). John Serry (John Serry was a noted accordionist, organist, composer and educator who entertained audiences internationally for over seven decades during the en:Golden Age of Radio and foren:CBS Television in the 1930's - 2000's decades. His collaborations with leading international conductors (such as en:Alfredo Antonini, en:Shep Fields and soloists (such as en:Juan Arvizu and en:Nestor Mesta Chayres and the comedian en:Bob Hope) of his era as well as his performances for en:Voice of America helped to introduce the en:Bolero and the en: Tango to American audiences while also promoting en:Cultural diplomacy and international peace for the United States' Department of State -en:Office of the Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs during World War II. The article contains links to several of his historic audio recordings on the Accordion (which is considered to be a spiritual instrument in Japan) with jazz orchestras, classical concert ensembles and his own quartet which may be of interest to Japanese readers. Thank you in advance for your thoughtful consideration and enjoy the music! Ciao! 2022年7月7日 (木) 15:03 (UTC)GCL[返信]

Renaming users


28% of the unanswered requests for a change of username are from Japanese speakers. We need more Japanese renamers to help serve the Japanese wiki. m:Global_renamers/ja -- Cabayi会話2022年7月11日 (月) 06:30 (UTC)[返信]

@Cabayi: I checked the Meta page you have provided, and it seems that voters there are reluctant to support candidates who do not hold advance-rights at their home wiki. There are only about 40 advance-rights-holders at jawiki, and we need their undivided attention here. We cannot afford to spare/share their attention between jawiki and Meta. Are there other ways to assist you? Like providing language support?--AppleRingo777会話2022年7月17日 (日) 14:15 (UTC)[返信]
Thanks for the reply AppleRingo777. The queue of renaming requests is confidential. We can't share the Japanese language requests for translation assistance as that would break the users' privacy rights. The renamer also needs to be aware of the Japanese wiki's username policies.
This is not a service for meta, it's a service for jawiki users who are having to wait longer than average for their requests to be answered. It's not an arduous task, nor are there so many Japanese users requesting changes that it would be a big drain on anybody's time. Regards, Cabayi会話2022年7月18日 (月) 06:53 (UTC)[返信]

12 of the 19 unanswered requests for a change of username are from Japanese speakers. Cabayi会話2022年7月31日 (日) 11:13 (UTC)[返信]

New version of LiveRC in progress


Hi, I'm JackJackpot from Wikipedia in French. Sorry to write in English; if someone can translate in the local language, it would be much appreciated. We plan to develop a new version of LiveRC, a patrolling tool commonly used on fr-wp to fight vandalism, but it is getting old, outdated, and needs several improvements. The project page is translated in English. The tool is needed for fr-wp, but we want to make it available (and configurable) for other wikis.

The fr-wp patrolling community has built a list of specifications for this new tool with our needs. We translated “Specifications” in English and it's available there.

Your feedback would be appreciated regarding “Specifications” we wrote, in order to take into account the needs of your community and build, as much as possible, a tool that suits other communities needs. You can post your feedbacks (preferably in English) on the fr-wp talkpage dedicated to it.

If you reply to this message here, please ping me so I don't miss it. Warm regards,

--JackJackpot会話2022年9月26日 (月) 06:40 (UTC)[返信]

We are not familiar with the Japanese version or Wikipedia. That's why this page was the best page we could find to ask for your help.
But please feel free to move this post to a better page, where more people could read it and answer.
Best regards, --JackJackpot会話2022年9月26日 (月) 06:45 (UTC)[返信]

Draft article for WiTricity


Hello! Over at ノート:WiTricity, I've shared a draft article for Japanese Wikipedia on behalf of WiTricity and as part of my work at Beutler Ink. The draft is a translated version of the English Wikipedia article. I've struggled to find an editor who can review the proposed Japanese Wikipedia entry, which I've saved at 利用者:Inkian Jason/WiTricity. Could someone here take a look at the translated text and update WiTricity on my behalf? Thanks in advance for any assistance! Inkian Jason会話2022年10月3日 (月) 15:18 (UTC)[返信]

利用者:Kiyoweap gave me permission to update the article directly after reviewing the draft here. However, 利用者:Modoshi reverted my edit for unknown reasons. I've attempted to engage with this editor to understand why my edit was reverted despite disclosing my conflict of interest and linking to the permission I was granted. The editor has not responded. So, now I'm once again seeking review from others. Can someone please take a look at 利用者:Inkian Jason/WiTricity and update the article on my behalf? Inkian Jason会話2022年11月28日 (月) 17:57 (UTC)[返信]

two articles seemed to be the same


杭州機場軌道快線 and 杭州地下鉄19号線 created by the same user. I'm not sure which should to be kept and how, so I asked for help here. Thanks.--迴廊彼端会話2022年10月6日 (木) 12:57 (UTC)[返信]

Are any historic elementary schools in Chuo and Chiyoda, Tokyo listed on Japanese historic registries?


This article about historic schools in Chuo and Chiyoda, Tokyo stated that there may be some historic elementary schools still being used operating in Chuo and Chiyoda, Tokyo. How may I check Japanese historic registries to find if they are listed? If they are, I may write articles in English about them. WhisperToMe会話2022年10月9日 (日) 01:54 (UTC)[返信]

An update: I started en:Chuo Elementary School (Tokyo) and en:Taimei Elementary School. I'm looking for sources on Akashi Elementary School (中央区立明石小学校) and Takanawadai Elementary School (港区立高輪台小学校). WhisperToMe会話2022年10月16日 (日) 15:38 (UTC)[返信]

Should this article be renamed?


From my understanding, AN/SPY-7 seems better to be renamed with "LRDR" or "長距離識別レーダー". If I'm right, please help. Thanks.--迴廊彼端会話2022年10月11日 (火) 09:24 (UTC)[返信]

@迴廊彼端: requested per your nom. --Lemonaka会話2022年12月1日 (木) 23:38 (UTC)[返信]

Display problem with Template:サッカークラブ(soccer football) and ( Template:サッカーナショナルチーム (Infobox national football team) )

Take FCバルセロナ (FC_Barcelona) as an example, compare Ja-wikipedia's version with En/Fr/Zh-wikipedia's versions, the Ja-wiki version's infobox is stretched too widely and the team uniform block in the infobox doesn't display in the center, comparison screenshot.

The resolution:

change → <tr><td class="toccolours" style="padding:0; background:#ffffff; text-align:center;" colspan="2"> to → <tr><td style="padding: 0; background: #ffffff; text-align: center; border: 1px solid #D3D3D3 ;" colspan="2">

namely delete class="toccolours" and add ; border: 1px solid #D3D3D3

The problem has also appeared in Zh-wikipedia, which has been resolved in zh:Template:Infobox football club (zh:Special:Diff/71985790/74036883).

Sorry that I have to post in English. I have post a comment in Zh-wikipedia zh:Special:PermanentLink/75029411#日文维基百科的足球队模板. --Kethyga会話2022年12月13日 (火) 05:43 (UTC)[返信]

Korean nationalist editor pretending to be Japanese and engaging in cross wiki vandalism


This user is pushing an Korean nationalist agenda, fabricating historical material and engaging in personal attacks across wikipedia on a proxy ip as well.

All his edits reflect a Korean nationalist agenda including claiming the Hata clan were Koreans.

On English wikipedia he used a proxy ip address and pretended to be Japanese to insult and personally attack a user his main account was disputing with, he wanted to claim Manchus carried Korean DNA.

He edited the chankoro article here on Japanese wikipedia and cited a source that doesn't say what he edited in the article.

He used this source which says chankoro comes from a Taiwanese word, and made up his own content claiming it came from Han people calling themselves slaves in front of Manchus (when all Qing historians note that Han officials never call themselves slaves in front of the Qing Emperor but only Manchu bannermen did). The made up content be added doesn't match the citation.

He then fabricated an entire quote from Hideki Tojo claiming that history of Han is of slavery to different ethnicities including Goguryeo (which never ruled China but is only something a Korean nationalist would write). The Xianbei Murong defeated Goguryeo and the Mongols ruled Korea and Manchus defeated Korea. A Korean nationalist edited this quote onto their wiki pages on chankoro and of course put Goguryeo in there which Tojo would never have bothered to mention.

In fact both of the things he copied into the article only appears on Korean wikis. The whole sentence about Han people calling themselves slaves of Manchus only appeared first on these Korean wiki articles.

The only Japanese websites this quote appears on are mirrors of Japanese wikipedia.

In reality all historians note Han officials never addressed themselves as slaves to the Qing emperor, only Manchu officials addressed themselves as slaves to the Emperor because being his slave was regarded as an honour in Manchu culture.。[1][2][3][4][5][6]

Nu chon会話2022年12月24日 (土) 02:45 (UTC)[返信]

  1. ^ Rhoads, Edward J. M. (2017). Manchus and Han: Ethnic Relations and Political Power in Late Qing and Early Republican China, 1861-1928. Studies on Ethnic Groups in China. University of Washington Press. p. 109. ISBN 0295997486. "Whereas Han officials referred to themselves as “your minister” (chen), Manchus called themselves “your slave” (nucai). Li Hongcai, speaking perhaps for Duanfang, said that it was demeaning for Manchus (Manren), even if they were ..." 
  2. ^ Hsiung, James Chieh (2012). World Scientific. p. 78. ISBN 9789814324717."For instance, in Court rituals on how officials were to address the Court and one's self, the Manchu way was observed. The Court was called the “Heavenly Court” (Ttifi), and all officials called themselves “Your Majesty's Slave(s)” ..." 
  3. ^ Etō, Shinkichi; Schiffrin, Harold Z., eds (1994). China's Republican Revolution. University of Tokyo Press. p. 12. ISBN 4130270303. "Whereas Han officials referred to themselves as chen ( your minister ) , Manchus referred to themselves as nucai ( your slave ) . Li Hongcai , speaking for Duanfang , said that it was demeaning for Manchus ( Manren ) , especially when ..." 
  4. ^ Williams, John Randolph (2005). Fraud and Inquest in Jiangnan: The Politics of Examination in Early Qing China. University of California, Berkeley. p. 230. "On 25 March , Gali composed and dispatched a lengthy Manchu language memorial pleading his case and begging Xuanye's ... these documents usually opened with the formula " Your official [ for Han officials ] / slave [ for Manchu ..." 
  5. ^ Peyrefitte, Alain (2013). The Immobile Empire (illustrated, reprint ed.). Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group. p. 46. ISBN 0345803957. "Your slave will send qualified officials to unload the tribute and transport it to Peking . " " 18 Proud jubilation at the humble pilgrimage from the ends of the earth . A watchful eye on the barbarians , who could never be trusted . Canton and take the land route to Peking , as foreign * In general , when Manchu mandarins addressed the emperor , they referred to themselves as nucai , " Your slave . " Han Chinese mandarins tended to say chen , " Your servant . The Chinese mandarins did not regard themselves as slaves of the sovereign of the steppes ." 
  6. ^ Peyrefitte, Alain (1993). The Collision of Two Civilisations: The British Expedition to China in 1792-4. Translated by Jon Rothschild (illustrated, reprint ed.). Harvill. p. 46. ISBN 0002726777.,+when+Manchu+mandarins+addressed+the+emperor+,+they+referred+to+themselves+as+nucai+,+%22+chen+steppe&dq=%22In+general+,+when+Manchu+mandarins+addressed+the+emperor+,+they+referred+to+themselves+as+nucai+,+%22+chen+steppe&hl=en&newbks=1&newbks_redir=1&printsec=frontcover&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwi_1ZSssoP8AhWnElkFHfigBeYQ6AF6BAgHEAI. "In general , when Manchu mandarins addressed the emperor , they referred to themselves as nucai , " Your slave . ... chen , “ Your servant . ” The Chinese mandarins did not regard themselves as slaves of the sovereign of the steppes ." 
辞書ではなく、百科事典に適切な内容にする必要があります。あた出典を歪曲しないでください。--鳩山町に住むおじさん会話2022年12月24日 (土) 17:32 (UTC)[返信]

[3]昔から使われて来た言葉なので参考さださい。--鳩山町に住むおじさん会話2022年12月24日 (土) 17:41 (UTC)[返信]

Request to rename 日墨学院 to "日本メキシコ学院"


From the school uses "社団法人日本メキシコ学院" as its official full form name. I would assume the appropriate article title would be "日本メキシコ学院". Would it be OK if I request this rename too?

Thank you, WhisperToMe会話2022年12月26日 (月) 20:53 (UTC)[返信]

a bot proposal: add missing categories to articles


Per conversation on my userpage, a user wishses to know if ja comuunity is intersted in adopting a bot which operates to:

  • add missing categories to articles.

Could you kindly offer your views please? I am not fluent in bots or tech matters, and appreciate your insight. Cheers, --Omotecho会話2022年12月28日 (水) 17:30 (UTC)[返信]

Addressing a crufty article


こんにちは! I came across the article en:Sasuke (TV series) after finding it in the trivia section of a stage in Splatoon 3. Upon coming to the article, I noticed that it was 294,930 bytes in size. Me and some other editors have since cut it down to under 20k bytes in size. I took a look at this Wiki's equivalent (SASUKE) and noticed that it appears to be just as bad, being 276k bytes in size. I'm here asking for some assistance in cutting this article down as well seeing as it has some maintenance tags relating to cruft on it (and there's already a Fandom wiki for the TV series). I don't completely understand Japanese which is why I'm asking here instead of doing it myself. Blaze Wolf会話2023年1月27日 (金) 01:46 (UTC)[返信]

University of Oxford


I updated the number of colleges at Oxford and noticed some further out of date information in オックスフォード大学:

  • カトリック系(トリニティ・カレッジ、セント・ジョンズ・カレッジ)

The older colleges, including en:Trinity College, Oxford and en:St John's College, Oxford were Catholic under en:Mary I of England, but not since then.

  • 2つのカトリックPPHsのほか、St Benet's HallとCampion Hallは男子学生のみを受け入れている。

en:Campion Hall, Oxford and en:St Benet's Hall, Oxford both admitted women, then St Benet's Hall closed in 2022. Could a Japanese speaker remove the outdated information? --TSventon会話2023年3月30日 (木) 20:48 (UTC)[返信]

Academy Award for Best Foreign Film (2)


Hello. I wrote not long ago always on the same subject. I was talking about Toshiro Mifune and how the Academy Award for Best Foreign Film (Rashomon), was kept by him. Here in the photo still portrays Mifune with the statuette, but for winning another film "Miyamoto Musashi" by Hiroshi Inagaki. Is it possible that earlier the award could also have been kept at this point by the film's lead actor, not just the director? If two clues make a proof...Thank you.

There seems to exist an error... --以上の署名のないコメントは、Kone718会話投稿記録)さんが 2023年6月24日 (土) 08:00 (UTC)‎ に投稿したものです。[返信]

A software change was deployed last week as part of the new software version 1.41.0-wmf.24. Please try to delete the files (and the category, if empty and no longer wanted). Thanks. Der Umherirrende会話2023年9月4日 (月) 20:01 (UTC)[返信]

Please, can you help me to find these infos:

  • Koyata Yamamoto: the place and cause of death, his private life (parents, wife and children).
  • Giant Baba: the places and dates of birth of his parents and siblings (older brother and two older sisters), the days and causes of death for his parents, the dates and causes of death of his sisters, the name and dates of birth and death of his brother-in-law.
  • Ōkawa Haruyoshi: photos of him, his family, or others about his career.
  • Nakano Takeko: the name of the commander of the imperial unit against whom she died.
  • Sankebetsu brown bear incident: for the police captain Suga his full name, dates of birth and death; for the village head Ōkawa Yosankichi his dates of birth and death, his wife.

Thank you in avance. --以上の署名のないコメントは、会話)さんが 2023年9月17日 (日) 06:35‎ (UTC)‎ に投稿したものです(Amayus会話)による付記)。[返信]

Please, can you help me to find a site where I can be see this documentary? Thank you.



ルイ=ジャン=ピエール・ヴィエロット and Category:ルイ=ジャン=ピエール・ヴィエロットによって名付けられた分類群 are, I suspect, misnamed, The man's name in French is "Louis Pierre Vieillot" not "Louis Jean Pierre Vieillot". A footnote on the English-language equivalent explains. Pigsonthewing会話2023年9月24日 (日) 15:00 (UTC) /[返信]

Regarding a video recently uploaded by the Kobe Planet Film Archive


Is the anime presented in this video already documented in the『ノンキナトウサン』Wikipedia article or not? I don't believe it is because the Kobe Planet Film Archive says the anime from 1926 while all the film works (anime and live-action) described in the article are from either 1925 or 1946, and the anime doesn't match the described content of『ノンキナトウサン 竜宮参り』 --以上の署名のないコメントは、ArguaBILL会話投稿記録)さんが 2023年10月2日 (月) 16:54‎ (UTC)‎ に投稿したものです(Amayus会話)による付記)。[返信]

@ArguaBILL: It is probably a different work. 「のんきなとうさん 山崎街道・定九郎とサツマイモの巻」has not been listed on the article page yet. However, it seems to be on 木村白山. --Amayus会話2023年10月3日 (火) 11:18 (UTC)[返信]

JJY time signal


Does the JJY time signal give the hours as Japan Standard Time or as Coordinated Universal Time? What I mean is, if I have a radio-controlled clock meant for use in Japan, and the JJY radio signal says that the hours are 00, should the clock display 00:00 or 09:00 ? 2601:18A:C500:E830:526A:B17D:E5EF:4ACD 2023年10月31日 (火) 21:05 (UTC)[返信]

Articles about Nishiyamato Academy of California (西大和学園カリフォルニア校)?


I found two English sources about Nishiyamato Academy of California (西大和学園カリフォルニア校), a Japanese private school near Los Angeles. Are there any Japanese newspaper articles about this school? Finding them will help show the school's notability.

Thank you, WhisperToMe会話2023年11月23日 (木) 21:06 (UTC)[返信]

I was allowed to re-start the article at en:Nishiyamato Academy of California, but I am still very interested in finding sources in Japanese about this school. I searched CiNii with the Japanese and English names, but didn't find anything... WhisperToMe会話2023年11月24日 (金) 03:21 (UTC)[返信]

Collaboration between Japanese and English wikipedia


I am very interested in Shinto shrines. I have been making a lot of articles on English wikipedia. While I often read articles here, I am not confident enough to use Japanese language sources on my own, especially books.

I am currently working on a draft for Watatsumi Shrine (海神社) in Kobe. The article does not seem well sourced here. It is the highest Shrine in the Shakaku that has no English article, as a Kanpei-Chusha (官幣中社).

Is someone up to help me with it?

I am also interested in Furogu Shrine (風浪宮) which doesn't seem as significant, but I really love the name.

Likewise there are quite a few areas I have written on English wikipedia using English sources that might be helpful here. For example Jūzenji (十禅師).--Immanuelle会話2023年11月24日 (金) 03:18 (UTC)[返信]

@Immanuelle Hello, the notability requirement on Japanese Wikipedia is not the same as in English one, I have the same trouble when translating some companies. You may want to search for more information on yahoo or google news. Lemonaka会話2024年1月23日 (火) 00:34 (UTC)[返信]
@Lemonaka that is interesting. How are notability requirements different here?--Immanuelle会話2024年2月3日 (土) 20:55 (UTC)[返信]
For example, characters from animations, companies, et al. A lot of articles even without enough citation for notability can be published here. While you cannot translate them to English. Lemonaka会話2024年2月4日 (日) 05:35 (UTC)[返信]

ディスカバリー・ジャパン/Discovery Japan


I started a section split discussion at ノート:ディスカバリーチャンネル#分割提案(2023年11月). Please join. JSH-alive/talk/cont/mail 2023年12月1日 (金) 07:34 (UTC)[返信]



ノート:小樽市#浅原久吉。--以上の署名のないコメントは、会話)さんが 2024年3月20日 (水) 16:56 (UTC) に投稿したものです。[返信]

Article seems to have pseudoscience in it


I was looking at this article 天孫族 and it seems to be supporting the discredited Japanese-Israelism theory (日ユ同祖論). Can someone look over the article to figure out what belongs there and what doesn't? --Immanuelle会話2024年3月31日 (日) 09:18 (UTC)[返信]

Edit warring have occurred in that article, so dealing to this problem wiil be after Requesting block.--FlatLanguage会話 / 投稿 / Log by / Log to2024年3月31日 (日) 09:54 (UTC)[返信]
@FlatLanguage the article still has the issues now that he is blocked.--イマニュエラ会話2024年4月17日 (水) 05:34 (UTC)[返信]

Requests for Accenture (アクセンチュア)


Over at ノート:アクセンチュア, I have submitted a few additional requests on the company's behalf to update アクセンチュア, which has some outdated information. I do not speak Japanese, but I am trying my best to submit reasonable requests based on work completed on behalf of Accenture at English Wikipedia. Links to specific requests:

My goals are to make the page more accurate and up to date. With special thanks to 利用者:Lemonaka and 利用者:mirror-kt, who have assisted with previous requests, I would invite editors to please review the proposed change and update the Wikipedia article appropriately. Thank you! Inkian Jason会話2024年4月2日 (火) 14:43 (UTC)[返信]

What are the rules about adding templates here?


I made a fair few templates recently but I am unsure about the rules about actually adding them to articles. In the past when I tried to add the templates, my edits were reverted and people said the template was not ready. This is the category Category:神道信仰に関するテンプレート, it is navigation boxes about various traditions related to Shinto deities and shrines, I have one for Shinmei shrines for example here Template:神明神社. Do templates need administrator approval to be added to articles or something like that? --イマニュエラ会話2024年4月18日 (木) 00:39 (UTC)[返信]

@FlatLanguage do you have input on this?--イマニュエラ会話2024年4月27日 (土) 08:17 (UTC)[返信]

A category is ambiguous


This category Category:国造 has several entries I believe do not fit. Because it conflates the kuni no miyatsuko titles and individuals. Most are the titles. I put the ones about individuals here 利用者:Immanuelle/国造主, the rest are about the title and are often more focused on the family.--イマニュエラ会話2024年4月18日 (木) 00:39 (UTC)[返信]

So you want to split to the topic category and the set category, right? You can propose at WP:CFD according to Wikipedia:カテゴリの提案と議論. I guess the term “国造主” isn’t exist, so you should choose better name.--FlatLanguage会話 / 投稿2024年4月18日 (木) 01:24 (UTC)[返信]
@FlatLanguage yeah that's correct. Can you propose it instead for me? I am not sure how CFD works here or whether I can adequately explain this to them. I also cannot find a splitting proposal thing. Should I propose it through this option? 品質保証提案中のカテゴリ--イマニュエラ会話2024年4月18日 (木) 05:03 (UTC)[返信]
プロジェクト:カテゴリ関連/議論/2024年/4月18日#Category:国造--FlatLanguage会話 / 投稿2024年4月18日 (木) 05:18 (UTC)[返信]
If someone has opposing opinion, please participate in this discussion yourself.--FlatLanguage会話 / 投稿2024年4月18日 (木) 05:27 (UTC)[返信]
Thank you!--イマニュエラ会話2024年4月18日 (木) 10:25 (UTC)[返信]

IAFD film ID -> IAFD film UUID


Old IAFD film IDs (d:Property:P5098) are used in this template: Template:IAFD movie. IAFD has recently started using UUIDs for films. The old links still work. However, the old IDs are no longer visible on the website. As of today, the UUID can be retrieved from Wikidata: d:Property:P12654. All Wikidata items with an old film ID now also have a new film UUID. It would be advisable to adapt your template. -- Reise Reise会話2024年4月21日 (日) 16:45 (UTC)[返信]


This template Template:諏訪信仰 seems to have a lot of irrelevant links in it. Things like History of Meat Consumption in Japan seem quite irrelevant and it distracts from more important elements of the Suwa Faith.--イマニュエラ会話2024年5月2日 (木) 05:38 (UTC)[返信]

I see you haven't actually read the article; I'll repost the relevant section here.
Also, do take note that the article is linked to in the template's miscellaneous section.--ArguaBILL会話2024年5月19日 (日) 09:42 (UTC)[返信]

There is a rikishi who later became an oyakata who has an English Wikipedia article but not a Japanese Wikipedia article


The second generation Kagamiiwa Hamanosuke英語版was a rikishi and oyakata of the late Edo period with many woodblock prints depicting him, including one which has been posted on the Japanese Wikipedia article for sumo-e; the first generation Kagamiiwa Hamanosuke does have a Japanese Wikipedia article which should be moved to 鏡岩濱之助 (1代) once the second generation Kagamiiwa Hamanosuke's Japanese Wikipedia article is written and created.--ArguaBILL会話2024年5月18日 (土) 21:53 (UTC)[返信]

  鏡岩で曖昧さ回避を行っている鏡岩濱之助 (越後) (5代粂川)に関する記事の作成依頼のようです。また、現在の鏡岩濱之助は平等な曖昧さ回避とはなっていない(2代目は大関ということのようです)というご指摘もあるようです。--Amayus会話2024年5月18日 (土) 23:52 (UTC)[返信]

Koshien Stadium


Hello! I just wanted to point out that there's a recent Mainichi article that might provide some extra information for the page on Koshien Stadium. Apparently, a Kansas-based photographer donated some photos of the stadium, likely taken at the time of the U.S. occupation after World War II, to a local archive in Kobe. Obviously, I can't add this information myself, because of my language barrier, but I thought you might still find it useful. Who knows, maybe those photos could even be available under a Public Domain license in a few years! Cheers! --Oltrepier会話2024年6月17日 (月) 08:29 (UTC)[返信]

Some Shrines in Hokkaido have english but not Japanese articles


en:Asahikawa shrine, en:Shiraoi Hachiman Shrine these two only have english articles and not Japanese articles--イマニュエラ会話2024年6月18日 (火) 11:50 (UTC)[返信]