::{{返信}} I can help with the translation - what do you need to be translated? As for the edit summary the one you mentioned looks fine to me.--[[利用者:ネイ|ネイ]]([[利用者‐会話:ネイ|会話]]) 2018年12月23日 (日) 05:14 (UTC)
:::Thanks, I will use the autotranslated editmessage. I guess then the bot just needs a local userpage and it is ready to go?--[[利用者:Debenben|Debenben]]([[利用者‐会話:Debenben|会話]]) 2018年12月23日 (日) 10:57 (UTC)
::::I can create [[利用者:Texvc2LaTeXBot]] by translation from [[:m:User:Texvc2LaTeXBot]] if you are fine with that. As for whether this request will be approved, I am not a bureaucrat and so am unable to decide. However, my opinion is that you could try running your bot for 2-3 pages and show the output so there is a reference on whether the bot will run fine in jawiki.--[[利用者:ネイ|ネイ]]([[利用者‐会話:ネイ|会話]]) 2018年12月23日 (日) 11:02 (UTC)